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We, at MAC Air Con are an established air con servicing company. Having been in business since 2007, we are specialists in the field of air conditioning equipment supply. We take great pride in being the best air con installers in Singapore, having previously installed all kinds of air-conditioning units in offices, condominiums, private houses, shops, pubs, restaurants, etc.

If you require air con repair in Singapore, just give us a call! We’ll be there before you know it!

What is Air-Conditioner?

An air conditioner (or AC) is a home appliance, system, or mechanism created to dehumidify and remove heat from a certain area. The cooling is carried out using a simple refrigeration cycle. In construction terminology, the whole system comprising heating, ventilation and air conditioning is called “HVAC”.

The Significance of Air-Conditioning

Chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial plants are highly dependent on air conditioning, as air contamination, humidity, and temperature hamper manufacturing processes.

Aircon Repair Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the air con leaking water?

A normal air-conditioner will have water condensate in the indoor fan coil and discharge through a drainage pipe to the nearest drain. Water is bound to leak when the drainage pipe is clogged /choked. In the case that no gravity drainage is achievable, a pump is likely to be installed in order to help remove the condensate.

Why is the air con blinking?

The blinking/flashing indicator light means that the air conditioning system is faulty, which is why it switches off by itself. Our qualified technician is required to diagnose and repair the fault.

Why is the air con smelly?

The smell comes from bacteria created by microbes in the warm, dark and humid surroundings of the indoor fan coil unit. If the smell is repulsive, you may require a more intensive chemical treatment to get rid of it.

Why is power supply tripped whenever I switch on my air con unit after a few minutes?

This is most likely happening because your compressor is grounded, contractor is defective or power supply is inadequate for the air con to run efficiently. To learn about the defect, call us for an analysis today.


Did you know?

-Dangerous bacteria and fungi may be multiplying in your aircon fan coil units?
-Germ-filled air may be the reason why your children always keep falling sick?
-Your aircon gas might be leaking and causing damage to your aircon units?
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Being the most widely known Singapore aircon servicing company, MAC Air Con Engineering is the answer to all your air conditioning troubles. Regardless of whether your air conditioning unit is leaking, not cold anymore, making tiresome noises and vibrations, or malfunctioning – we can repair it.