What are the Different Types of Servicing?

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November 13, 2015
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November 13, 2015
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What are the Different Types of Servicing?

There are different stages of aircon cleaning and servicing. Some can be done by any layperson and some require professionals.

  • Filter Cleaning

Most aircon companies tell you that you only need to clean the aircon filter in your AC every 30-60 days. While this may be somewhat true, professionals will tell you that how often you clean your aircon filter, will greatly depend on how often and how long you use your aircon. The cleaning of the aircon filter in most homes can be done by almost anyone. All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes. Open the cover, remove the filter, wash it under a running tap, replace the filter, close the cover and you’re done.

The filter has immediate and direct impact of the efficiency of the aircon unit and air quality within a room. Since it only takes 5 to 10 minutes, doesn’t it make sense to keep the filter clean? In Singapore, we would recommend that you wash the filter every 1 to 2 weeks if you use your aircon for approximately 8 hours daily, and at least once a month if you use it less.

  • General Servicing

We usually recommend that aircons should have a professional aircon servicing company perform maintenance at least 3 times year. The key phrase being ‘at least’. Again, the more often an aircon is used, the more often it has to be serviced professionally. If you use your aircon daily and wash your filters on your own, a professional should be engaged once every 2 to 3 months.

A general servicing involves cleaning the filters, wiping down and brushing the cooling coil of the evaporator, cleaning the dust off the blower fan and clearing of the water drain tray and pipes. In addition, if required, a professional will also clean the condenser unit, otherwise known as the compressor. The overall aim is to keep the aircon unit working efficiently, effectively and to prevent water leakage (which can be a real pain to clean up).

  • Chemical Cleaning

Even when an aircon unit is maintained regularly, dust and dirt will still build up within the cooling coil of the evaporator unit. This is something that all aircons will face. Again, it’s a matter of time and how often one switches on the unit. This dust and dirt cannot be removed by wiping or brushing, as the fins of the cooling coil are too fine. When this happens, the unit has to be subject to a chemical cleaning. The average home unit in Singapore would require a chemical cleaning once every 2 years.

To do a chemical cleaning of the evaporator coil, a professional will first have to lock out the gas pipe of the system. He will then dismantle and remove the fan coil unit. A cleaning chemical will then be applied on the fins of the cooling coil. This chemical will dislodge all the built up dirt, grime and gel. Water is then used to flush and clean the coil before our professional reassembles the fan coil unit.

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